The Latest Google Ads Updates To Help You Grow Your Business


Whether you run a large company or a small one, it always pays to know how to use Google Ads. This is especially important during the holidays because you will need to create Google ads that match the seasons. 

Remember that Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. This means a majority of people use it for practically every internet transaction in their lives.  

They use Google to research topics, reach out to friends, and do research on potential products that they may want to purchase. It is for the latter reason that you should know how to use Google Ads and be up to date with the latest features and updates that Google has in store. This article aims to do just that.

Google Ads Growth Formula

When using Google Ads, you should remember that most of your moves are a risk. They are calculated risks, but risks nonetheless. There is no way for you to truly predict whether your ads will reach your target market. 

Luckily, Google Ads has developed a formula that will help you predict consumer behavior more efficiently. This formula was created to help marketers get the best ROI for their ads investments. 

The new Google Ads Growth Formula was designed to help you launch your Google ads investments with as little risk as possible. This formula is best used with a trustworthy Google Ads specialist

These specialists have the right knowledge and experience to run your Google ads campaign. With the Google Ads growth formula and the help of an experienced Google ads specialist, your campaign will surely succeed. 

Google Ads Will No Longer Support Similar Audiences in 2023

If you want to expand your Google Ads marketing range, it is important that you diversify your audience. This is why Google Ads will no longer support similar audiences starting this 2023. Before this change, Google Ads supported similar audiences because it allowed users to reach out to a specific target market. 

While this was deemed efficient at first, it is better to reach out to a wider audience in the long run. This is because the more mainstream marketing methods need to be updated and expanded. You will need to try more flexible marketing strategies to grow your business. 

With this new update, you will now be given different options on how to use first-party data the right way. These updates include audience expansion and optimized targeting. This will enable you to reach the right audience, and ultimately optimize your Google ads campaign. 

New Performance Max Features

The Performance Max feature was introduced a year ago, and Google is upgrading it with new updates. This feature is very handy in creating quality Google ads campaigns. It allows performance advertisers access to all of their Google ads inventory from a single inventory. You can do the following with the updates: 

  • Plan Your Google Ads Campaigns 

You can cultivate your Google ads more effectively and create actual game plans for your Google ads campaign. This will allow you to invest your budget and get the best ROI possible.

  • Asset Strategy Customization

If you’re going to run an efficient Google ad campaign, you must know how to use all your assets the right way. With the new asset strategy feature, you can add automated rules to your Performance Max asset groups. This will allow you more control of your asset groups and enable you to run ads at specific times of the day. 

  • Efficient Results Evaluation

As you run your Google ads campaign, you must evaluate your results efficiently. You will be investing time and money in all your Google ads, so you should ensure that they reach your target audience and transform your investment into clicks and buys. 

Back in the day, checking and interpreting your Google ads results could be a bit difficult. With the new explanations feature, you can effectively analyze your Google ads performance. You will also have issues explained to you and even get recommendations. 

Machine Learning Tool Trims Videos to Six-Second Bumper Ads

Videos are always a great way to enhance your Google ads. However, you may lose your potential viewer’s attention if they are too long. Luckily, the Trim Video tool is now available in Google ads. 

With this tool, you can now convert your long videos into short, six-second videos. This will make it easier for you to create bumper ads. It is powered by a machine learning model which identifies the most important scene in a long video and trims down the less vital parts.

Google Ads Now Offers Seasonal Ad Templates

The holidays are always a perfect time to release Google ads. However, you will need to match your ads to the season. 

Luckily Google ads has created templates that will allow you to customize the images, brand colors, logos, and text. 

This new feature will let you make Google ads videos more efficiently and create appropriately themed videos with specially designed templates.


When promoting any kind of product or service, you must know how to use Google Ads and stay up to date with the latest features and updates. With this article, you’ll always know how to utilize Google ads updates in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

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