5 Things to Remember When Preparing Custom Trophies and Plaques for Your Event


It’s important to celebrate milestones and wins in life. In companies and organizations, commemorating the moment with a grand event and meaningful awards can make the people involved feel appreciated and motivated. The seemingly simple gesture can boost their morale and even increase their productivity.

The trend has evolved to giving out trophies and plaques over the years. Of course, you can make this more memorable by customizing them. This makes the trophies and plaques more special. We’ve gathered the following handy tips to ensure a smooth process when preparing for your event’s awards.

Determine the Purpose of the Award

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Giving out awards without a clear purpose will make them meaningless. If you’re planning to recognize employees for their hard work, you must state why. 

It’s not wise to give trophies as if they are generic handouts for the bare minimum. There must be a milestone that is worth celebrating. Some of the ideas that you may want to consider include the following:

  • Loyalty award
  • Formal retirement
  • Promotions and new roles
  • Achieving the highest number of sales for the year

Get to Know the Types of Trophies and Plaques

There are all sorts of awards ideas, and some of the most common are trophies and plaques. Before dipping your toes into the customizing part, you must first learn more about the types of trophies and plaques available in the market. Some trophies come with column risers or figurines. Others have a base made from a different material and a small plate for engraving a few essential details.

Trophies are often made of gold, silver, or bronze. These metal choices eventually expanded to include platinum, diamond, and gems. Now, resin has become one of the cheapest yet quality materials for trophies.

As for plaques, the traditional designs often feature hardwoods and inlaid black matting. This gives them a refined and timeless look. On the other hand, modern plaques have sleek designs. They usually come with glass and accents of lacquered wood. Some feature a unique border and metallic finish, making the text stand out.

Identify the Award Levels for the Recipients

It’s only sensible that you know the level of recipients for the trophies and plaques. Will there be a first, second, and third winner? Is the award only going to be given to an individual? 

This important insight will help you decide the kind of trophies or plaques you will customize. It will be strange to give the third winner a bigger trophy compared to the first and second awardees.

You will also need to prepare other important details, such as the purpose of the trophy, the name of the award-giving body, and the recipient’s name (if deliberation is going to take place before the awarding ceremony).

Know What Are Included in the Custom Services

It will be easier to tap a service provider for your customization needs. Many companies offer such services. The trick is to find one that will give you the best deals. Some offer a range of trophies and award choices online, which is a convenient way to customize your trophy and plaques. But before you decide where to order, you must first know the inclusions in the customization offer.

There are companies with extensive custom capabilities, depending on the occasion. You might get the option to choose among the available materials to be used, including glass, gold, acrylic, and many more. The engraving method is another factor you need to consider when choosing the vendor. Some materials allow 3D engraving. However, this specialized service might be more expensive.

Incorporate Your Brand in the Customization Process

The design of the trophies and plaques must have something that carries the brand identity with it. You might consider including the company logo or seal to represent the company. It is also worth considering putting in other details, such as the reason for the award or the accomplishment of the awardee.

This will remind them in the long run why they received the award and motivate them to improve and be better at what they do. It will be a lifelong keepsake of all the things they have accomplished.

Wrapping It Up

Custom trophies and plaques make the awards extra special. They can be customized in many ways, including the shape, color, design, and material. Your planned awards must be designed uniquely to ensure no one else has such a memento, which helps the winners feel extra special.  

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