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My first thought when I heard that they were going to offer the ESET Exchange for a small fee was, “I’m going to have to find a way to go to a website and buy the thing for a small fee!” (I’m not kidding.) It seems that you go where the money is, and that’s pretty much everywhere. I’m glad that Google and Microsoft are taking the lead on this.

The idea is that you sign up for the exchange and then give them the info which lets them track your movements and purchases on the Internet. It seems a very ingenious idea, and I’d imagine it would come in handy in more than one of our lives. But what I will say is, I am not sure that this is something I would want to do.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think Im already logged into Google, so I am not going to be doing this in the foreseeable future. But I do have a question for you, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. We are all about giving you something that you can use, because we know that you’ll find it useful.

So while youre at it, I really think Id suggest that you do what you can to get yourself connected to the Internet, so that your life can be more connected, and less dependent on people who only know how to get you online.

I’d suggest that you have a better idea by using your smartphone. We all use our smartphones, but a lot of people do not. I mean come on. Ive got a Droid phone that lets me access the Internet, but Ive also got a Blackberry phone that lets me connect to your phone. Ive got an iPhone, a Galaxy S, and a Nexus One.

If you use your smartphone as a “personal hotspot,” then you can connect to the Internet from anyone’s phone, as long as you’re willing to allow access to the Internet from multiple phones. A good personal hotspot is one that allows you to access the Internet from anywhere without being tethered to a single Wi-Fi connection. You can use your smartphone as a personal hotspot from your phone, or from your computer.

The iPhone is the only one that actually does this. The only other phones that do this are the Galaxy S and the Nexus One.

We have been using the iPhone as a personal hotspot for weeks now. It’s not ideal because you can only access the Internet from a single Wi-Fi connection at a time, but we have no other choice. We don’t mind the time it took to build the app and get it to work, but it’s annoying to have to do it on our phone, especially since it’s only usable while plugged in.

You’re right. The iPhone is the only one that does this.

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