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The goal of a dual platform fi technology system is to provide a way to make the software that runs on two different devices and have the software communicate directly with each other. So we need a way to connect two devices to run the same software.

So, a dual platform fi system would allow you to use a Mac or Windows computer for making programs and have the Windows version communicate with a Mac or a Windows computer. That way, your Mac or Windows computer can communicate with your iPhone or iPad.

It’s sort of like having a computer with two different operating systems on it, but without actually having to use two different computers at once. It’s like having two computers in your house, but you can only have one screen on each one of them at the same time. It’s sort of like having two computers and two monitors in your house, but you can only have one screen on each one of them at the same time.

dual platform fi is sort of like the Nintendo Wii, except its in the context of the iPhone and iPad. You have two devices on your desk, and you can use one at a time. That’s dual platform fi. In essence, it means you can have two separate, but interconnected, Apple devices, with different apps on them.

Dual platform fi is kind of a new concept, but Apple has been developing it for over a year and it only just hit the public eye this year. In the past two years I’ve been able to only get a chance to play with a dual platform fi device once, and then it was purely from the demo. The new iPhone and iPad are still very much limited to iPhones running iOS 4.2 or later, iPads running iOS 5.0 or later.

I’m pretty sure Apple hasn’t actually released a dual platform fi device yet, but they have been demoing it, and since then Ive been able to play with a few different versions. I think the problem with dual platform fi is that Apple has the platform locked up tight, so they cant allow for apps like the ones that were available in the iOS 4.2 beta.

But that doesnt mean it’s impossible. I think you could do it, but it would need to be an open platform. I’ve heard rumors of a dual-platform version of Apple’s iGame framework, but that would have to be a completely closed platform. Although, there are rumors of an open iGame framework being done for Android.

Dual-platform apps are the future. In the mean time, Apple has developed their own framework to handle both platforms.

But this would be similar to the apps that were possible on the iPhone 4. So if you’re looking for an open-platform, if Apple were to open up their framework, it would be possible to make a dual-platform app, but it would have to be an open platform.

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