5 Real-Life Lessons About dark technology


So many people are obsessed with dark technology, but are they really aware of the implications of this “digital world” we are living in? I’m talking about what we do with our time and how we spend our money. I’m talking about the increasing amount of time we spend in front of our computers, the number of apps we use to access information, and the amount of time we spend on social media.

But as much as we spend time in front of our computers, the amount of time we spend on social media is growing like a weed. There has never been a day when I haven’t thought about my Facebook friends.

I am starting to realize that social media is not just about our friends. It’s about the time we spend with them. It’s about the time we spend on social media itself. At the same time I am starting to realize that social media is not just about our friends because it’s about the people that I spend time with. It’s about the people in my life that I share with. And that includes the people in my own life.

I have to admit that I had to be a bit of a whiner for a couple of weeks when I first found out about this. You see, Facebook is a social media network. When you visit Facebook, you get to create and manage your own profile. If you are a “friend” of a friend, you get to tag them. Then, you can invite them to your profile or just “friend” them.

All of this is true, and there is some truth to it. But it’s also incomplete because Facebook isn’t about social interactions, it’s about sharing. And people, who are friends, are not sharing their personal lives with others. They are sharing their personal worlds with others.

Facebook is about sharing. But, its also a place to hide. Like any social media network, you dont have to share your personal life with others, you can choose to reveal it to your friends but, if you do, they can see it. It’s not that you cant trust your friends, you can, but if they do, they will see it.

What about the stuff that you dont want them to see? That would be personal data, like private messages, chats, photos, etc. That stuff is yours to keep, not share with others. You dont need to share it, you can let them retain it.

If you dont share it, you have to take it back, you cant have it as a “friend.” They can see it. If you keep it as a friend, you are essentially telling them that you will delete it if they ever ask.

Now you can’t really share things like that, it needs to be kept private. A friend might be happy to let them keep his chat messages, but a stranger might not be so forgiving. If you don’t keep it private, then you are essentially saying that they can see it.

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